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Sports Senior Pictures

We had the pleasure of meeting a great person from Knoch High School for her sports senior pictures as well as music and and traditional portraits. I would like to say congratulations to her. She was one of our models last year from Knoch Senior High School congratulations on the graduation. Her senior pictures for Know High School are definitely one of a kind and she did an amazing job. The talent and personality she brought to the sessions were amazing. We did quite a few sessions getting everything she was involved in like dance, tennis, playing the violin, guitar, trumpet, and even twirling batons.

One of our first senior portrait sessions with her was at the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio. This was the first time we had a session there and it was awesome! We had the run of the place. We went with a group after hours and were able to go places that are normally shut off to visitors. We brought a nice nice dress black and red she brought her violin and everything together made some great pictures. It was a little funny the place is said to be haunted and there were other photographers there. We would be tucked into our corner and she would play her violin and people would be looking around wondering where the music was coming from.

For the studio session we did all four seasons session. For the spring we had spring flower fields and the pond that provides a nice green scenery. Summer was around the studio in the field, next to the pond, and a swing in the woods. Fall was fall, colors in the creek, and some graffiti. The day of that session we were fighting to bet the storm eventually the storm won but not before we got some great pictures for her.

As for in the studio we had a few fun sessions and outfits as well as our green screen sessions. With her being a created some amazing works or art. One time we brought in all the seniors from Knoch High School’s tennis team to create a nice poster. The other one was a mixture of everything she does, violin and dance just like one of her favorite artist Lindsay Stirling, tennis, guitar, baton, and trumpet. Please feel free to check out our gallery HereGreen screen pictures senior pictures showing everything she plays

Senior pictures in a blue dress near a lake playing a violinsenior pictures in a flower field picking daiseyssports senior pictures High school tennis team senior bannersSenior pictures in an abandoned jailSenior pictures playing the violin in an abandoned jailSenior Pictures Mansfield prison portrait of a young girl in jeans sitting outside a cell playing a violin

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