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The Top Ten Reasons to become a Senior Model for Daniel Paul Photography

The Top 10 Reasons to become a Senior Model / Rep for Daniel Paul Photography

It is February and we are now accepting 2018 and 2019 students for our senior modeling and Rep program. This program is amazing because the earlier you become a representative for Daniel Paul Photography the more you are able to enjoy the benefits. Your first question may be what is the cost of this program and what are the benefits of becoming a representative for your business. Hopefully the following information will help you make a decision. Listed below are our top ten reasons to become a senior model.

  1. We organize multiple stylized portrait sessions throughout the year which you may choose to participate in .
  2. All of our senior models are able to get free head shots for any activities they are involved in. This is also a great chance to have headshots taken for any college applications.
  3. We give every senior model a chance to be involved in the creation of one signature print session. Together we will discuss ideas that would help us create an amazing portrait of you in a unique theme or location.
  4.  When you receive your cap and gown we will schedule a mini session at our studio location for professional portraits.
  5. Are you going to the prom? After the prom is over you may schedule a photo session with us to have professional portraits of yourself wearing that beautiful dress in some unique locations.
  6. We will do one session in the city of Pittsburgh. We will go to several locations within the city to get a variety of portraits. As a senior model you are invited to be apart of this day.
  7. You will have the chance to earn some extra cash. For every friend or referral you send to us you will receive a $50 Visa card as a thank you. You will receive this card after their session is complete. This Visa card will be yours no matter what size portrait package your referral chooses to purchase.
  8. As our rep you will receive a free phone app with portraits from each session. You will be able to share this app with your friends and family.
  9. You have the chance to be featured on the front page of our 2018 Senior Magazine. All of our senior models will be featured through-out our magazine. Our favorite portrait of the year from the modeling sessions will be the portrait we feature on the front page.
  10. Your family will receive a free Family Portrait Session for after you graduate: After graduation you will be going away to college or starting a new job. This is the perfect time to have a family portrait session. Your family will receive a free portrait session to be held in the month of June or July.


high school senior model pictures on victorian couch in the middle of a creek.  Beautiful Model in designer gown looking at camera.


  1. This program is only available to any student purchasing our top package.
  2. As one of our high school senior reps you should be outgoing and willing to help promote our studio.
  3. You should be able to recommend other students that would benefit from participating in this program or would just love for us to do their High School Senior Pictures.
  4.  Instagram is an amazing place to share your experience. After each session that you participate in we will post our favorite picture on instagram. We would like you to share these pictures with all of your friends and family. All of your portraits from will be added to a portfolio to be viewed at the viewing and ordering session at the end of the year.
  5. Once a year we will have a BFF event. We will ask that each model bring at least two friends. We will take a few fun portraits of you with your friends. Everyone that participates will receive a 5×7 portrait of this session. There will be a pizza party afterwards so that we can find out what high school students are looking for in the photographer that they choose.
  6. You should be willing to have fun and suggest ideas on what type of sessions we could create.
  7. You should contact us now.

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