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Baseball and Softball Photo Day

Eliminate the stress while getting professional photos of your entire team.

Photo day often feels like a chore, whether your child plays Baseball, Softball, or T-ball .  As a parent, you’re rounding up your children and rushing to the field, just to sit around and wait…all for cookie cutter photos.  The poses remain the same throughout the years. The quality of the photos is, well it’s okay. But this is your time, your money, and most importantly, your precious memories. 

Baseball and Softball Photo Day Shouldn’t Feel like Tryouts.

Break the cycle of boring photos with Tri-State Sports Photography, an extension of Daniel Paul Photography dedicated to youth sports and school photos.  Daniel is a professional photographer who has made it his life’s work to provide every client, from T-ball to College Baseball as well as Softball teams, with unique and professional quality products and services.  

Leave the nail biting to the games.  Let us take the stress out of photo day, to create an enjoyable experience for children and parents alike.  

Knocking the Process out of the Park

Tri-State Sports Photography is changing the way youth sports photo day is done.  We provide parents with everything their athlete needs before the day of the shoot, including physical and electronic photo forms, with available packages and products.  The electronic form is available weeks ahead of time on our website and paper forms will be available the day of picture day at the event so you don’t have to worry about leaving the form behind. This will give you time to read through and pick the perfect package for you and your child.  Then, all you need to do is show up in your baseball or softball gear. If you didn’t fill one out online, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out a form. Take some time to view our samples and relax we have it from here.

On the day of the shoot, a professional team of uniformed staff will check in the team, organize the athletes, and assign them to one of the many professional photography stations we have set up.  In addition, we offer a cashier station where parents are able to order and pay for everything right on the spot, hassle free. This eliminates both the waiting and confusion of a typical youth sports photo day, while enabling our staff to provide individualized attention to each player.

Not Your Run of the Mill Sports Photos

With another youth sports photographer, you might get one or two people with a camera.  If the weather is cloudy, well that’s the way the cookie crumbles right? Not any more. If we can not find an indoor location to keep us out of the weather, our staff will set up tents to help block the weather for the athletes. Each of our photo booths are equipped with professional lighting as well as photography equipment, and a professional photographer.  

Indoors or outdoors, your team’s photos will hit a home run, everytime with Tri-State Sports Photography.  Make your child feel like the MVP he or she is, with high quality, professional images in the poses they want, and just the way you want them.  All photos and photo products are delivered three weeks after the date of the shoot or makeup date, allowing our team to ensure the highest quality and standards.

Pick A Pose System

The Tri-State Sports Photography team from Daniel Paul Photography has created a series of the most popular Baseball, Softball, and T-ball poses.  Older players can select their poses at the time of their shoot personalizing their photos to both the athlete and their position. For the younger athletes, we keep these poses in mind and draw from them to get the absolute best photos for each player. 

Knock your baseball team photo day out of the park with Daniel Paul Photography.  Get personalized attention, professional photos, and do it all within the course of a fun filled day. 

Tri-State Sports Photography would like to thank you!

We would like to thank you! It is you the parents that have made this such a success. Many of you have contacted us to talk to organizations that we are not apart of. The referrals are great and has helped us grow within the community.  If you would like us to talk to an organization to see about a change we are happy to do so. Thank you again

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